The Space Enterprise Institute is organized exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and registered in the state of Virginia in the United States.


Co-Founders of SEI have seventy-four years of direct cumulative professional aerospace experience, including fifty-four years at NASA, and eighty-two years in consulting and academia.


Bring the highest standard of credibility and evidence-based analysis to the overall public space discussion.


Educate public, private and governmental entities, through various forms of internal and external research, related to human activity in space. The Institute’s focus will primarily be education in the form of identification, analysis and synthesis supported by objective verifiable data, documented spaceflight experience and reasonable extrapolation.

Functions & Products

SEI will generate technical critique, ideas and policy concepts as well as provide “Think-Tank” functions for space exploration, science, commerce, development and eventual settlement with a focus on the intersection between government/science, operations and enterprise. Recommendations for space policy, directed research and future strategies will be provided when supported by the weight of evidence. SEI will make available papers, studies and other core documents authored by a wide range of internal and external accredited experts, provide expert testimony when appropriate and undertake contracted studies and research that can be carried into the marketplace of ideas by other groups and individuals.

SEI will promote charitable, educational and scientific purposes by providing grant support, when available, to a broad range of credible experts on technical, public policy, safety and legal issues ranging from space property rights to ITAR, technology, science and engineering policy such as launch corridors, mission concepts, architectures and infrastructure optimization for space exploration and utilization; critical thinking and reality checks by the top experts in the field on issues such as radiation exposure standards for space facilities, “human rating” standards and solutions for space debris mitigation as well as a wide range of issues yet undiscovered in this emerging realm of human activity.